Our Mission Is:

  • Our Mission Is:

    • To create innovative brands that allow products to evolve.
    • To design products that provide solutions to a quality driven market.
    • To offer custom solutions to meet custom needs.  
    • To pioneer ways to provide answers to people in industries that are already here and industries yet to come.

    We are a dedicated team that conducts ourselves  with integrity, treat others with respect, embraces diversity, encourages creativity, and acts responsibly in our global community.

    We are fueled by a collective effort that pushes the standards of quality to new levels in a mobile driven world.

    We value the difference between what people want and what people need and offer something that will allow them to have the best of both.


Customer Reviews

Versatile and dependable

I have several different vehicles and was tired of having to purchase different phone mounts for each one.

Awesome product

Great product from a great company. Does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Best Mount Ever

I’ve been using mounts, ever since I started driving. After a 5 year search, of using dash mounts, window mounts, and just letting the phone sit on the seat. I discovered mob armor and haven’t been disappointed yet.

Mount Up!

Works perfect with my OnePlus One, so no problems with iPhone 6+ I imagine. THE best phone mount out there!


I’ve been looking for a product to hold my phone while driving instead of putting it into a cup holder…easy to use and durable…the fact that it is built to accommodate for people that actually use their trucks/cars makes this product that much better!

mob mount is awesome!

This mount is worth every penny. Something to consider is in my offroad vehicle like most, I have a ton of metal surfaces and the mount pretty much sticks anywhere. Great product and the quality is excellent.

Solid product

The Mob Armor Mount was even sturdier than I expected. Very quality product and well made. I recommend this product for anyone that spends a good amount of time in a vehicle during the day, works great in my work truck!! Two thumbs up!!