Flash Grip

Heavy-duty flashlights like D-size flashlights, C-size flashlights and tactical lights, as well as AA-size flashlights are still the “go to” products for mobile lighting applications. They’re bright and tough, so you can use them in a variety of environments.

Have you ever needed a work light for a project but became frustrated when having to hold your flashlight between your teeth or sandwiched between your neck and jaw? How about a quick hands-free solution without having to buy a spotlight or lamp that requires a wired electricity source? If so, then our Flash Grip® adjustable, magnetic, flashlight holders might be right for you as they have been for hundreds of thousands of flashlight users since 1993.

With our Flash Grip series of flashlight holders, you can turn your favorite flashlight into a swiveling work light. Just place the magnetic base on any ferrous metal surface and clip your flashlight in the bracket and you have a handy work light that you can point in any direction. You can also use Flash Grip on a non-magnetic surface since it is heavy enough to stand upright on its own.

We offer a heavy-duty D-size Flash Grip that holds the large D-size flashlights favored by military and law enforcement personnel. There is a model that won’t scratch painted surfaces, if that is an issue. Just clip your flashlight into Flash Grip and you will have a hands-free work light to use when working on vehicles, machines, construction projects and more. Our Flash Grips feature a sturdy construction like the flashlights they hold, so you can use them in a variety of tough environments.

Your trusty C-size tactical flashlight can have a holder of its own with our C-sized Flash Grip model. The C-size flashlight grip base is just as durable as the D-size model; just clip in your C-sized flashlight for a hands-free work light solution. Our Flash Grips are great for use in automotive repair work, basements, garages, warehouses, mechanical rooms and even submarines (according to our Navy customers)..

Growing tired of holding your trusty AA-sized flashlight in your teeth when you are working on a project? Just place our AA-sized Pad Grip on the closest ferrous metal surface, mount your flashlight and you have your own swiveling work light ready to go.

Take a look at our 3-piece Flash Grip set if you need a Pad Grip for each of your AA-size, C-size and D-size flashlights. Have a Pad grip ready wherever you have a workstation for a quick hands-free solution.

All of our Flash Grip models come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a One Year Warranty; we are confident you won’t be disappointed by our product. Check out our selection and order your own Flash Grip today!