Pad Grip


The birth of the Solve-It! Store’s Pad Grip™ began with the launch of the first iPad in early 2010, but let’s rewind and give you a bit more history about our company.
With humble beginnings, Solve-It! Marketing Company originated in 1993. Originally, its main goal was to assist inventors in their marketing ventures, to help guide those who had great ideas and great products. Eventually this led to the creation of products, such as the Flash Grip®, Fireplug™ and many others. Solve-It! Store was created in 2010 to extend our product line of iPad stands to the general public and commerce.
Beginning in 1993, we manufactured the Flash Grip line of adjustable magnetic flashlight holders, providing them to various tool distributors such as Mac Tools, Snap-On, US Navy, the CIA, railroads, trucking companies, electricians, plumbers, heating & air conditioning installers and many more. We were able to appeal to these clients because of the quality of the product meeting or surpassing their expectations. We excel in offering products that are rugged, and built for commercial use.
With the Introduction of the iPad in early 2010, we knew we could, and would, create a solution that could be used for many different tablets and applications. With much research and thought, the first Pad Grip was born. Because of the wide acceptance and need for Pad Grip, our product line has grown to include multiple tablet solutions. Because of satisfied clients, we have gained a great deal of recognition which has contributed to our continued success.
Our client base is a vital part of the design process. When our clients indicate where solutions are needed, we are able to understand what types of products and solutions we should create. Ideas come from outlets such as consumer requests, large custom requests, and partnerships with app developers. All Solve-It! products are built in the USA in our own facilities. As a result, we are able to respond quickly to design and offer products with unique solutions that no one else offers.